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Resident Evil Six Resident Evil Six

Rated 4 / 5 stars

The reason Resident Evil 6 was terrible wasn't because it wasn't a survival horror game (that died at 4). It was terrible because it took mechanics it had developed and were tested as great additions... and scrapped them. The gun upgrade system is the biggest glaring problem. They introduce this mechanic in 4 and expand upon it in 5, working very well in allowing your weapon to progress with you as you play on. In 6 they scrap the whole thing... for a damnable badge like system. I don't understand what gaming companies are thinking. You don't test new ideas that you're unsure of in your main titles or scrap ones that make your game amazing to play.

Quick time events never gave me too much issues in games, no, it's usually the upgrade system. If it's disproportionate compared to difficulty increase. I ended up beating 2 of the story lines before being completely done and returning the game. A boss battle should not take far more than 10 minutes nor should it repeat the same boss 10 times. I think I kept playing for the second story because I expected Capcom to toss something up that said 'Haha just kidding, here's the real game.'

Long time fan of the series, played it since the first one and despite the change from survival horror to everybody is carrying ammo and stuff isn't that scary, I still enjoyed things. This though, this and Raccoon City were blasphemy. Revelations is the only game out of the 3 that released that year that was good and you can be damn sure I'll pick it up when it releases on the console.

Now that the ranting is over. Good Animation and very amusing. The length left something to be desired, but the ending was a perfect summary of what I'd have done if I hadn't rented the game. Overall 4/5, give us something with more girth next time, I'm looking forward to it.

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